Comoni Bitcoin Torge co-founder Cameron Winklvoss left the board of directors of the European division of the company, Altfi reports.

Kraken accepted the team of the ex-head of the British unit Gemini

Kraken cryptocurrency exchange has appointed the former head of the British division of Gemini Blair Hollidei managing director in the UK.

Gemini suggested MakerDao to pay 1.25% per annum for deposits in GUSD

The head of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange Tyler Winklvoss submitted to the MakerDao community proposal to calculate the annual interest rate of 1.25% for PSM deposits in the Gemini Dollar Stablecoin (GUSD).

Gemini was the first in Ireland a license for digital assets provider

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange has received the approval of the Central Bank of Ireland for activities as a provider of services in the digital assets market.

The media learned about the second wave of abbreviations in Gemini

The American Bitcoin-Targe Gemini has further reduced the staff after a recent dismissal of about 10% of employees, TechCrunch reports.

Ira Financial Trust sued Gemini due to the withdrawal of funds from pension cryptocurrencies to unknown

The Ira Financial Trust platform sued the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange. The company believes that the site of the Winklvossov brothers is responsible for the February theft of funds from pension funded accounts.

CFTC sued the Bitcoin-Biru of Gemini Gemini Winklvos

The U.S. URSE -FIRE TRAING (CFTC) filed a lawsuit for the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange. The lawsuit claims that the company “misleads the regulator, answering questions about the futures contract tied to the price of bitcoin on the Gemini platform”.

Gemini will reduce the staff by 10% against the background of the fall of the cryptocurrency market

Gemini Bitcoin-Birzha, owned by the Hemini Bitcoin Birzha, will reduce the number of staff by 10%. Cryptosim and adverse macroeconomic conditions are called as reasons, writes Bloomberg.

BlackRock and Citadel announced non -part non -involvement UST. Luna price collapsed to $ 0.01

Asset Management BlackRock and Citadel Securities Hedge Fund deny the involvement of the collapse of the algorithmic stabelcoin UST and Luna cryptocurrency.

Gemini was beneficial in the regulation of cryptoinducrics

The regulation of the cryptocurrency market legitimizes the industry, and compliance with regulatory requirements is a competitive advantage for platforms. This point of view was presented by the operating director of Gemini Noah Perlman, writes Decrypt.

Gemini received a license of an electronic money operator in Ireland

The Cryptocurrency Exchange of the Gemini Winklvossi brothers received a license of an electronic money operator from the Central Bank of Ireland.

The media learned the details of the incident with the withdrawal of $ 36 million from Ira Financial Trust accounts

Employees of Ira Financial Trust during the abduction of $ 36 million with cryptopension accounts of customers were absent on the spot due to a false call to the police. Representatives of law enforcement agencies reported this to the victims, writes Coindesk.

Media: Unknown withdrawn $ 36 million from pension crypto accounts Ira Financial Trust

The attacker deduced assets from the controlled Ira Financial Trust of pension accumulative accounts on the Gemini Bitcoin-Birge. According to the Bloomberg source, the damage amounted to $ 36 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Gemini acquired a provider of trade technology Omniex

The Cryptos of http://coin-graph.website/?p=906 the Winklvossov brothers Gemini announced the purchase of a supplier of trade technology Omniex. The amount of the transaction is not disclosed.

Gemini absorbed the Bitria cryptocurrency portfolio control platform

The American Bitcoin-Torge Gemini has agreed to purchase a Bitria digital portfolio control platform (previously Blockchange) for financial advisers and control assets.

The largest Columbia https://gagarin.news/ru/news/just-hodl-it-what-is-hodl-in-the-cryptocurrency-market/ Bank in partnership with Gemini will open access to cryptocurrencies

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange has concluded a partnership with the largest bankbia bank Bancolombia. Its customers will receive “unhindered” access to bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash through the company’s platform.

Gemini is preparing to attract $ 400 million when estimating $ 7.1 billion for competition with META

The maternal company of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini – Gemini Space Station, LLC – is close to the closure of its first round of funding, which was headed by Morgan Creek Digital. Investors will invest $ 400 million in the company, estimating it at $ 7.1 billion.

Gemini and Ripple top managers criticized the SEC approach to crypto industry regulation

Ripple Managing Director in Europe Sandy Young and the head of the British division of the Bitcoin Targi Gemini Blair Hollidei, the opinion that the SEC approach to the legal regulation of the digital asset industry is unclear.

Media: Gemini and Binance.US expects to get the status of unicorns after new investrages

Evaluation of Bitcoin-Birzh Gemini and Binance.US can grow to $ 7 billion and $ 3 billion, respectively, according to the results of new rounds of financing. Such numbers with reference to aware sources were brought by The Block.

Gemini Bitcoin-Torge bought a decentralized guesser prediction platform

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange of the Winklvossov brothers acquired a decentralized guesser prediction platform.

Cameron Winklvoss: Gemini Bitcoin-Birzha will leave behind Binance

The co-founder of the Bitcoin-Tarzhi Gemini Cameron Winklvoss announced in an interview with Bloomberg about plans to win in the competition the largest binance platform in trading volumes. According to him, a regulated business will help in this company. The products that do not meet the regulatory requirements will have to go into the background, the co -founder of Gemini believes. “We play a long game. We are trying to be the fastest turtle in […]

The number of user complaints about Bitcoin-Birzh has increased in the United States

From June 2020 to June 2021, the number of complaints of US citizens about the work of cryptocurrency exchanges increased significantly compared to the indicator a year earlier. Such information is contained in the database of the Bureau of Financial Protection of Consumers.

Gemini bought a developer for safe storage of Shard X cryptocurrencies

Gemini Bitcoin Targe announced the purchase of a Shard X startup, which develops solutions based on a confidential calculation protocol. The transaction will allow the trading platform to increase the security of the casteral service.

Gemini crypto -rope added to Dogecoin leaflet against the background of take -off of the asset price

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange added support for Dogecoin (DOGE) digital asset against the background of token price growth by 55% over the past day.

Gemini and Mastercard will release a credit card with a cashback in cryptocurrencies

The Gemini crypto officer has concluded an agreement with MasterCard and Webbank for the release of a credit card in the summer of 2021 with the possibility of obtaining a cashback in cryptocurrencies for residents of all states of the United States.

Research: Two -thirds of Americans show interest in cryptocurrencies

About 63% of US citizens are interested in digital assets, although they do not own them. There are more than half among these Americans-women, according to the new report of the Bitcoin-Birgi Gemini.

Rick Karuzo billionaire company will allow paying real estate rental with bitcoin

The American development company Caruso billionaire Rick Karuzo will begin to accept bitcoin as a rent for residential and commercial real estate.

Gemini will become a castodian for the Brazilian bitcoin fund

The Gemini cryptocurrency exchange of the Winklvossi brothers will act as a casteadian and a trading partner for the Bitcoin Fund of the largest investment bank in Latin America BTG Pactual.

The Exchange of the Winklvossov brothers became the sponsor of the Oxford – Cambridge boat race

The Bitcoin-Birzh Gemini, founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklvossi, has become the main sponsor of the oldest boat regatta between the rowing clubs of Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the UK. Thrilled that @gemini Will Be the Principal Sponsor of the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race. Rowing Instilled in @Tyr and me the Power of Aligning a Team with Shared Principles and Values ​​for the Purposes […]

Research: 13% of the British invested in cryptocurrencies

The share of investors from the UK who have performed cryptocurrencies have increased over the past 1.5 years from 6% to 13.5%. Such results are given in the study by the Bitcoin-Birzhi Gemini, which has at the disposal of Decrypt.

Winklvossi told Bloomberg about the possibility of IPO for Gemini

The founders of the Bitcoin-Torge Gemini, the Winklvossi brothers told Bloomberg that they are considering the possibility of public placement of shares in their company.

The amount of cryptocurrencies in the bills of the castodial service Gemini exceeded $ 10 billion

The total volume of cryptocurrencies in the storage at the casteic service Gemini Custody exceeded $ 10 billion.

On YouTube appeared fake accounts by Bitcoin-Birzhi Gemini

The Gemini cryptocurrency exchange owned by the Winklvossi brothers warned users about the two fake accounts of the company on YouTube video hosting.

Gemini will release a secured Filecoin token in the Ethereum blockchain

The Gemini cryptocurrency exchange belonging to the Winklvossi brothers began to develop a service holders of a decentralized storage of Filecoin (Fil) data storage platform. Using a new solution, they will be able to use FIL in the Ethereum blockchain.

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